Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Sister Carol

Its the anniversary of the death of my sister Carol on the 16th August. She died as a result of having MS... a horrible debilitating disease that for her, started with double vision and dizziness. She first got it when I was about 4-5years old, when mum and dad had gone overseas to Africa for 6 weeks. It really hit her badly then, I remember visiting her when she was in the San at Sydney having tests a month or so later. How awful it must have been for her, and also for mum and dad to see their daughters' life (everyones life) turned upside down, with no cure in sight.
I try not to allow myself to think too deeply on her journey, it really cuts to the core, and is a hard place to be... I remember her once saying to me when she could talk, how scared she was, that she did not want to die... I never knew what to say.. just a hug and a squeeze of her hand seemed to be the only thing to do.

She was a loving person, a great sister, I remember when I went to college, I felt absolutely lost, and it didnt help that mum was sending me there, or that I didnt have a room-mate. That first night was horrible, and I remember waking up in middle of the night to Carol pulling up my blankets, and quietly crying over my bed. At home on the farm she always had a stash of caramello chocolate in the fridge which she sometimes shared with me... I felt very special to be her sister. She loved the dress she is wearing in the first pic, and she absolutely LOVED cats!! The cat in the pic with her was named kitty, and she hid him in her room at college for 2 weeks before coming home with him! hehe.
I remember her laugh, it was a cackle, like a chook! She was always feminine in her dress sense, always had her long hair, took such care of her makeup - I remember looking on, watching her apply the different things wishing I could be grown up like her! I cant wait to see her again in heaven, she'll have a new energetic body and be her new bubbly self again! xx

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  1. What beautiful memories you have of Carol. It would have been wonderful to have known her like this. xx


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