Sunday, August 23, 2009


You know, I love cats, but I cant eat a whole one... hahaha.
Actually, my liking of cats has diminished somewhat. Cats have their place in the world... they do.. they are quite comical to watch, they like other pets, have their own personalities, and although they are one of the more selfish pets, it is nice to have one sit on your lap on a cold night.... having said
that, after having kids, our cat has taken the back seat to everything in the family! She has gone from sleeping on our bed to getting put away in an aviary cage each night, with her own bedding, food and water. Keeps our house a whole lot cleaner, she's happier, and she doesnt rule our household. Its true, cats always want whats greener on the other side of the door!!
However, this is not about our cat, this is about owners not
taking care of their own cats. It has driven me crazy the years, the number of cats that have come to our house to spray. Then I get cranky with whatever owner has let them out at night because they are too lazy to look after them properly. We had next door neighbours who had a cat who used to spray on our front door, when I told her she didnt believe me, I had to say well, I actually saw him doing it while I was breastfeeding my daughter in the middle of the night. He got hit by a car. I sound cruel, but there is nothing more offensive then the smell of cat urine on your door, washing, furniture. etc We have just caught another cat last night... I just dont care about it anymore. All I care about is that we need to get rid of the problem, it puts me in too bad of a mood... I need to live in harmony in this neighbourhood and if that means catching cats that are left to wander around - then so be it. They have one chance. If they get them out of the pound and they come back, well there's a lake about 100 metres down the path.... over and out!.

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  1. I'm hearing ya sista!!!
    Glad to hear you finally caught that scoundrel.


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