Friday, March 4, 2011

Rag Trade

When I was in the rag trade, I just felt so alive!!!  I think because fashion is always embracing always in the pursuit of something new - the next best thing.  Some things are here for 5 minutes while others hold on for near a lifetime.

I used to puruse through fashion magazines and cut out outfits and ideas that I just loved!  Using old diaries for scrap books Id paste in my little lovlies.  Hubby threatened to throw them out the other day - NO WAY!!  Not only do I still love my choices, but each picture actually triggers a memory of youth, see I started doing this at age 14.

It seems different now, everyone is in awe of the BIG brands, the expensive unattainable break my heart/bank numbers.  Its not just about going into a shop - any shop and saying 'hey! thats cute, I like it!'  No, apparently now it has to have the right name along with the pricey tag of hell to go with it!

stuff that.

such a rip off.

Its so much more fun not being tied to a particular brand and loving something because its great fabric, well made or a little different from the norm!

Monday, February 28, 2011


you know, I love my kids I really do.  But does anyone else just want to throw your hands up in the air and admit defeat?

Friday, February 25, 2011


brother and sister, comfort, love.

the freedom of childhood, no inhibitions, just enjoy the moment with no threat of social laws!

the promise of a clean slate, a brand new day, after the fog has cleared... to unveil your life

I love the peace this picture offered me upon waking on the swinging bridge in Michigan...

I love the colours of time in tin....

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh Friday how I love thee today!  I woke up and thought, oh bless, its Friday! 
So, Ive been up since 4am, baked some cheese scones and chocolate patty cakes for the kids lunches - I know, it should be Monday, but its great owning a freezer!
And now am sitting with a dye in my hair waiting for it to work its magic, before having to get into my uniform for work! Oh, and a load of washing done. 
Supermum I know, but it doesnt always happen like this.
Tomorrow there are no committments, even better.  So we may go over to Scarborough and scan the beaches for some sea glass.  A favourite passtime for the kids.  After which Im planning on making a mosaic with the treasures!  So will defo take some pics of that little dream.
Sometimes I hate being a woman with our mood swings and monthly pressures!  But sometimes it happens to all fall into place...

So happy weekend bff's! 

peace out x

Saturday, February 19, 2011


You know, I grew up on a farm, and when I was a wee girl, Id go down to the yards with dad to milk the cows.  The cows would walk on up to the stalls and put their heads through - they can be trained you know!!
But the most interesting or fascinating part to me was how they peed.  It was like half a lake would come out, I couldnt believe how much wee!  And the sound was like a tap turned on to max.
When we went to church and I had to go to the loo between Sabbath school and church, I used to think wow, that lady sounds like a cow.
Now when I take my girls for a wee, I cant help thinking back to those days, and Ive realised now, that I too, am a cow.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love I hate

I love peanut butter, sliced granny smith apples, sultanas and sliced banana on a sandwich.

I hate the smell of bacon because it makes me want to eat it

I love laksa soup with tofu, brocoli and corn on the cobb swishing around in it, with peices of snow peas, and sticky rice. I love my sister in law who taught me how to make it!

I hate having to cook dinner sometimes

I love my kids belly laughs, their hugs, and special routine of different kisses when saying goodnight...

I hate hearing them winge and complain about my cooking.

I love going home to the farm, drinking in the peace and quietness of vast acres of land and air ready for me to walk on and photograph its sunsets.

I hate leaving.

I love being able to pay the bills

I hate drowning in financial dispair.

I love how it strengthens my faith.

I hate how I sometimes blame or question God over how poor we are.

I love getting through those awful thoughts, and praising God over how much we actually have!

I hate saying goodbye to my mum.

I love black forrest cake, home made with cherries and flake for the chocolate sprinkles.

I hate feeling like I have no-one.

I love seeing a friend and feeling like no time has passed since the last time I saw them.

I hate feeling lonely.

I love losing a few kilos

I hate putting them back on!!

I love our youth at church

I hate how I think they think Im some weird old chick who looks at them.

I love hearing Matt play the piano.

I hate having to nag him to practice.

I love how Pearl is so gentle.

I hate thinking about the battles she'll have growing up...

I love how Eden has unconditional love

I hate that she will have her heart broken one day...

I love hearing Marsh talk

I hate that sometimes he talks and I dont understand.

I love my hands.

I hate people smoking at the entrance of shopping centres

I love getting something done

I hate that that doesnt happen very often!

I love the custard tarts that the bakery sells 2 doors up from my work...

I hate how tempting food is for me, even when Im full.

I love a cup of tea in the morning!

I hate seeing the bottom of the cup sometimes...

I love my cat molly

I hate her stinky poo.

I love our chooks and their eggs!

I hate not having the space to put them in!

I love giving something to someone that they really truly appreciate and love.

I hate how I actually want what Ive given to that somebody for myself!

I love having a church to go to

I hate how Im so self righteous sometimes.

I love gerberas and the heady smell of gardenias and jonquils

I hate that I cant grow jonquils here!

I love that my kids can go just over the road to the park to play

I hate having to tell them not to talk to any adults who are strangers, to accept anything from anyone, to not try to help any adults, to teach about sin.

I love my family & Marsh's family

I hate being so far away from them all.

I love knowing that Jesus is always, always there for me...
I love the thought of heaven...
I love thee
I love.

summer dreamin


The beach... crashing of waves, swirling of bubbles around my feet, childrens giggles, screams, fun and laughter, catching that wave, the look of excitement in their eyes looking to me, to make sure Ive seen.... the warm sun on my back... the sand cleaning my toe nails... red and yellow flags, blue everywhere... God knew when he made blue.