Friday, March 4, 2011

Rag Trade

When I was in the rag trade, I just felt so alive!!!  I think because fashion is always embracing always in the pursuit of something new - the next best thing.  Some things are here for 5 minutes while others hold on for near a lifetime.

I used to puruse through fashion magazines and cut out outfits and ideas that I just loved!  Using old diaries for scrap books Id paste in my little lovlies.  Hubby threatened to throw them out the other day - NO WAY!!  Not only do I still love my choices, but each picture actually triggers a memory of youth, see I started doing this at age 14.

It seems different now, everyone is in awe of the BIG brands, the expensive unattainable break my heart/bank numbers.  Its not just about going into a shop - any shop and saying 'hey! thats cute, I like it!'  No, apparently now it has to have the right name along with the pricey tag of hell to go with it!

stuff that.

such a rip off.

Its so much more fun not being tied to a particular brand and loving something because its great fabric, well made or a little different from the norm!

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