Thursday, February 24, 2011


Oh Friday how I love thee today!  I woke up and thought, oh bless, its Friday! 
So, Ive been up since 4am, baked some cheese scones and chocolate patty cakes for the kids lunches - I know, it should be Monday, but its great owning a freezer!
And now am sitting with a dye in my hair waiting for it to work its magic, before having to get into my uniform for work! Oh, and a load of washing done. 
Supermum I know, but it doesnt always happen like this.
Tomorrow there are no committments, even better.  So we may go over to Scarborough and scan the beaches for some sea glass.  A favourite passtime for the kids.  After which Im planning on making a mosaic with the treasures!  So will defo take some pics of that little dream.
Sometimes I hate being a woman with our mood swings and monthly pressures!  But sometimes it happens to all fall into place...

So happy weekend bff's! 

peace out x


  1. 4am! yikes! you ARE definitely supermum today :) have a great weekend x

  2. You busy chicky babe, you! Sounds like a very pleasant plan for saturday.
    Love ya guts! xx


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