Thursday, September 3, 2009


I know I should be thankful for every little bit of 'stuff' that the kids bring home, but sometimes I just groan inside... they want to keep it.. and I just go... 'where?'.
Im getting really good at throwing things away, and cleaning up around the place, Im throwing out anything broken, and Im also keeping up with cleaning out sizes that have been grown out of... Im even keeping our room tidier!!! So when these beauties come home, I do cringe a little. Im not talking about artwork, bring that on, but the little peices that are made out of cartons, paper, - junk. See Im mixed in my feelings, because if they stopped bringing them home, then I would want them to bring more, but because they are, I cringe... I think its because there is so much. And this will tripple once my youngest is in Kindy!! It also makes me think of how our society has become so disposable in its way of living. We have packaged everything! We throw out things that 2 weeks later we need again, so we buy it again only to throw out again a little later.... Our re-cycle bin fills up more then our normal bin some weeks, and I say they should collect our re-cycle bin every week! Its a little bit funny, we went to Kombarcho last week, an environment festival at our local council, & they were giving out so many leaflets of different information representing different organisations that I really noticed the irony of it - arent we meant to be saving our trees??? Your giving them out on paper. Then the kids had to have all the leaflets... all will end up in the bin... or hang on, I might send them to school with my son, and they can get rid of them!!! Then there is the balloons from the shopping centre, they love carrying it, and getting in the car with it, and then when we get home, they either drop them on the floor, or carry them for 5 more minutes and then leave them laying around!! sheeeeeesh!
I am keeping their art work, and I know there is heaps of it, but what Im going to do is photograph it. I know this is not an original concept, but this also will take time to do... I have to make sure I know who did what too! My little ones are growing up so quickly, and Im finding that I dont want to just throw it out, I want the memory! Im so torn! aaarhhhhh!

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