Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I find going to potlucks a bit amusing... while everyone is in church listening, the ladies are over in the kitchen hurridly warming food, spreading tableclothes, setting out ladels and serving spoons and hotplates. Meanwhile everyone in church can smell the aromas of the kitchen wafting through the building, stomachs start to sing, people look at their watches, becoming shifty in their seats.
Finally the last song is sung, prayers said and the church empties with anticipation of whats awaiting them over in the hall. Deaconesses guard their clad tables shooing the kids away, saying wait wait.... a whistle to quieten everyone down, grace, and then

Its fight for ya food time!!!

There's polite pushing, gentle grabbing of the last serve of someones lasagne... people moving along the line in slow shuffle to see whats next on the table... plates are piled high of mainly carbs, kids sneak in and out, and then there are the few nobles that have actually stood back and waited patiently for the throngs to disperse. They pick through the leftovers.
Then about 20 minutes later you see every child waiting, eyeing, oogling the desserts that start to adorn the table... there are far less plates of these beautys so one has to time it right, stand in the right position as to what your going to target first...
Its not just our church either, Ive witnessed this at many a church! I wonder what that says... ponder ponder... people no matter where, are all the same?
Know who made the food you've chosen... it may have been a coincidence, but when I was pregnant with either my first or second, I actually got food poisoning from one of these events... and you think about it... did the person who prepared this food wash their hands? did they cough? sneeze even? eeew.

Reminds me of birthday cakes... we all blow out the candles dont we... a nice spread of germs and slobber left in a twinkling layer on top of the cake.... eeew.

So when your attending your next potluck... spare a thought for my little blog... you'll see!


  1. Haha- love the insight into the desserts!!! (And a beautiful photo!)

  2. Thankfully I don't go to potlucks anymore.
    Good to see you here darl.


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